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Best Kris Wu Tweets

i dont think this is his account is it?

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I want to know where are my followers from?

140624: Every Wufan’s stans happiest day. The day which Yifan finally returned to our sight. The day which he has proven that we can all archive our dreams. This gif set is to present: Well. Happiness. I wish you all the happiness this world can offer to you Yifan. You deserve that. Look at you archiving something so big in such a short period of time! I cannot wait. I can’t wait till the day where I will get to see you in a different light. Not as Kris but as Wu Yifan. Whom I had always wanted to see and witness and the time for that has finally come. Didn’t I tell you I will alway be here? See I knew you would be back soon. It felt like years.. But it feels refreshing to see you back looking healthy and happier. 

Welcome back Fanfan~ I missed you so much! 

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